Becoming the leading creative media and event company in Vietnam.


Bringing a new energy to the media and events industry, creating breakthroughs with artistic and creative imprints through each different project and becoming a media company that symbolizes youth and energy creation.


Creative – Flexible – Effective


We have a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors. We are committed to building projects based on practical knowledge and creativity that help customers create uniqueness. Every project is given the appropriate plan to optimize the value brought.


Owning a team with many years of experience working for large enterprises and multinational corporations, we always understand what businesses need. The experts of Ben Thanh GCC have full expertise and expertise along with a wide network of relationships to be ready to advise, support and provide the best solutions for customers.


The primary goal of Ben Thanh GCC is customer satisfaction. We always put ourselves in the position of the business to provide optimal solutions with minimal costs.


With all the projects we undertake, we take absolute responsibility, ensure to take care of customers from the smallest things and make sure to fulfill the commitments we make.


Understanding that communication and marketing is a challenging journey, we prioritize doing something unique, different but effective, long-lasting and sustainable

Operating Procedure

Define target market

We spend a lot of time understanding what brand, sales, and customer goals your business has set, and make sure that those goals align with your existing resources. We help businesses set specific, realistic and achievable goals.

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Market analysis

This is the foundation for comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the business to come up with a suitable positioning and development strategy. We synthesize specific data about the market, customer needs, competitor's business situation to thoroughly understand market size, structure, and trends.

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“Amazing Tet” Collection – Sales Policy

Thank you for your interest in Amazing Tet; we are delighted to serve you and provide you with the best options!

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