With the mission of bringing prosperity to investors and customers while contributing sustainable values to Vietnam's construction industry in particular and the development of society in general, WealthCons was established with the desire to build building prosperity, becoming one of the leading prestigious construction general contractors in Vietnam.

WeathCons has cooperated with Ben Thanh GCC in the TVC launch campaign to introduce
the birth of the Corporation and coordinate with marketing, media and press activities.

Founded by a team of capable and experienced founders and executives at the leading large construction enterprises in Vietnam, Wealthcons carries on a noble mission: creating the prosperity of life.

Wealthcons is always confident to deploy large-scale civil and industrial projects that meet international standards, bring outstanding value to investors and customers, contribute to the construction industry and especially the sustainable development of the whole society.

Ben Thanh Media – Event is pleased to accompany Wealthcons above to convey the good messages of the brand through the TVC we have produced.