Will instagram reels become the new marketing trend?

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Instagram Reels

Launched in 2020, Instagram Reels has become a familiar phrase for users who spend a lot of time on social networks.

1. What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels allows users to create short videos on the feed, with tools to add content, stickers, background music, effects, and more. This is considered a competitive strategy of Facebook with Tiktok to gain market share of users, especially the Gen Z age group. Although it has just been present in Vietnam, this feature is expected to “storm” for users. friend. The brand wants to target young people.

Instagram Reels

2. How Instagram Scrolls Can Boost Marketing

  • Promote prosthetic education

When preparing to launch a new product or service, brands have messages they want to spread. Instagram Reels helps branded stories reach a huge untapped audience, especially when it comes to the “discovery” section.

  • Introduce your audience to who you are

Reels allows you to authenticate your identity and talk directly to the user. This feature helps you build a large and trustworthy community for the content you share. You can also use Instagram Reels to highlight your strengths against your competitors. Since Reels is still relatively new, your business is likely to be the first in the industry to use it as a Marketing tool and become a standout brand on Instagram thanks to its engaging and well-invested content.

  • Show the audience the fun through more personal aspects

Brands often focus on the integrity and perfection of their official newsletter posts, while behind the scenes is a very potential area to exploit. Reels helps you share everyday, simple moments that can inspire your audience. Instagram creates a separate tab for Reels, which helps keep posts on your personal page uncluttered, so you can feel free to share behind-the-scenes footage close to your audience to increase their connection with your business. your career.

  • Prove that you are an industry leader

This is entirely possible on Instagram. By sharing your knowledge and expertise in your field or industry, you can react to a large audience of users interested in the practical knowledge of the industry they want to be in. You can also build content in the direction of short videos that introduce simple steps, tips and tricks for users to follow. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your video content should be interesting, easy to grasp, focused and carefully crafted.

  • product promotion

Do not go into the sales rut, the latest advertising trend is the videos, vlogs that use the product. You should create impressive, trendy and sophisticated content that integrates your products into it as a suggestion for your audience. The most important thing when implementing this strategy is that you need to make sure to come up with product descriptions that help you achieve your marketing goals.

3. How to start creating a simple video on Reels?

– Select Reals in the bottom bar on Instagram stories

– Choose a video creation and editing tool:

  • Audio: Choose background music from Instagram’s rich music store. You can also record your original audio. m original bar will be credited to your account. People can also use your sound and pay for it.
  • AR Effects: Add some creative effects to your Stories to make them stand out.
  • Timer: You can set a timer to record the clip, also decide in advance the duration of the clip you are recording. If you pre-select the  duration, a three-second countdown will appear on the screen before your recording begins.
  • Alignment: After recording a video, you can align the clips to ensure seamless transitions in your final footage.
  • Speed: You can increase or decrease the audio or video speed according to your editing requirements.
  • Use designs, filters, stickers and text to make your Reels videos stand out.

– Once your footage is ready to be uploaded, you can choose to share it with other features

  • Upload with available cover
  • Save draft
  • Add notes
  • Tag a friend
  • If your account is a public account, you can share Reels to discover. In Explore, your footage can be seen by the much larger Instagram community. You can also post Reels to your Stories or Feed.
  • If your account is private, people can’t share your original audio. They also can’t share your footage with accounts that don’t follow you. Instagram also extends Reels to help users discover entertaining and inspirational content. If your story is featured on Instagram, you’ll get a notification. Reel will also be labeled as featured.

Now you know that Instagram Reels help a lot for your Marketing effectiveness. It can be concluded that Reels will be a trend and an important marketing tool in the coming time. Try to create unique content and use it to your brand’s advantage.

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