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In recent years, with the advantage of airy space and high capacity, outdoor events are no longer strange and have gradually become a trend chosen by many customers.  Ben Thanh Media – Event provides some important suggestions that you should take care to in order to have a great outdoor event.


1. About the venue

For outdoor programs, the venue needs to be especially noted because it has a significant impact on whether the event is successful or not. Before choosing a location for an event, we must consider relevant factors including size, traffic, attendees, security,…

That means the venue needs to be able to accommodate the expected number of guests, not too tight but also not too wide. If the space is too small, the audience and guests will feel hot and crowded, and mishaps, pushes, and jostling are likely to occur. If the space is too big, it might be assumed by others that the program is of poor quality and cannot draw in guests. 

The event’s venue must also be placed so that people can move easily, avoiding traffic and other problems in the neighborhood. A convenient location should be located in the city center, near the airport, bus stops and commercial centers, shops, restaurants or parking lots.

Finally, we need to carefully consider the price issue, compare rental locations in the staging area to make the decision that best suits the company’s budget. Always figure out and learn any accompanying expenses, such as venue rental fees, charges for any necessary services, VAT fees, general administration fees, etc.

2. About the weather

We should regularly check the weather before choosing the location to prevent uncomfortable weather for the guests, such as high heat, rain, storms, etc. To achieve the maximum level of accuracy, actively get in touch with reliable weather forecasting centers. In order for guests to plan their own ways to prevent, the organizers should also inform and warn them about the weather.

Additionally, in advance of any weather changes, the organizers should set up backup plans for prevention. When it rains, precautions must be taken to safeguard electronics, audio, displays, etc. Electrical circuits must be carefully monitored to avoid short-circuiting, which can result in fire and explosion. As well as having to prepare umbrellas, tents to have the right size for the location and convenient, quick installation.

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3. About security

The security of attendees should always come first throughout an event. Outdoor events often attract a lot of participants, so it’s easy to have a fight and injury that, if not carefully prepared, can easily lead to unwanted consequences.

As a result, the organizers need to set up barriers and clearly designate the borders of the organizing area. Entrance gates, ticket gates must always have staff on duty to control the number of guests in and out. In order to maintain order surrounding the event area, the grandstand area, the stage area, etc., we also need to select reputable security monitoring and protection units. Security team must always observe the situation in the audience area, capture the number of people and promptly handle situations of accidents, scuffles and quarrels if they occur.

Additionally, a professional event must always have a medical crew to handle emergency situations, such as spectators, guests, or themselves collapsing or fainting and needing prompt first aid. This not only ensures the event’s professionalism but also serves to secure the safety of the guests.

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4.About sound, light

Sound and light are indispensable parts of any event, whether it is large or small. For outdoor events, the space is frequently large, so it requires a big-capacity sound and lighting system to ensure the audience can hear and see well. 

Sound is a means of communicating information and it is also a catalyst for inspiring and energizing the audience. If the sound is often interrupted, too tiny, indistinct,… it will easily make the audience lose their mood and the message will not be fully conveyed. As a result, the speaker and microphone system must be of high quality, clear, and appropriately aligned with the appropriate sound at the appropriate moment.

The stage light must be clear,  neither too dark or too bright, so that the audience below can comfortably watch. Furthermore,  there are many various types of light, such as white light, color light, and so on, so the organizers must select which type of light is suitable for the type of stage to get the best results for the program.

To ensure this, rehearsing or testing the program is essential. Before the date of the event, the organizers need to arrange for an end-to-end review. And the rehearsal time must be separated from the organization date by a sufficient length of time to allow for the fast correction of problems that may occur during the review session.

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5. About sanitation

In outdoor events, hygiene needs to be taken care of from before the start of the event to after the end of the event. This is a highly delicate matter; if done effectively, the event’s image will become positive; on the other hand, if not done correctly, the event may be assessed and condemned.

As a result, for outdoor events, the organizers should arrange cleaning staff to regularly clean the toilets to maintain the event’s beauty. To begin with, it is essential to clean up promptly after each activity in the eating area to avoid odors. Signboards, notices or trash cans should be installed in aisles or crowded areas for guests to dispose of trash in the right place. 

The best way is to find out and contact reputable cleaning companies to make sure this process is completed properly. For example, a marathon event would have a large venue, thus there must be enough garbage cans arranged in handy positions on the racetracks so that guests do not have to seek, wasting time.

In addition, another small but equally important problem is the toilet. A huge event might have thousands of participants, thus adequate restrooms must be provided to avoid the audience having to wait too long. 

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In general, several different elements must be considered while organizing an outdoor event. Hopefully, Ben Thanh Media – Event can assist you in completing your outdoor event planning.

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